Uruguay Vs Namibia: The Struggle of Uruguay for France Rugby World Cup 2023

Uruguay will have a good idea of where they stand in relation to their rivals in the Rugby World Cup 2023 by the time their action-packed summer schedule ends in the middle of July. They face Japan and Romania in two test series. Los Teros will compete in their first games since qualifying for Americas 1 for the first time in 2021. Los Teros’ first outings are these four contests.

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Uruguay is no stranger to the Rugby World Cup, having competed in four of them. However, prior to October, they had never represented the best team from the Americas in the main tournament of the game. After trailing the USA by three points from the first leg in Glendale, Colorado, Los Teros prevailed 34-15 in the return match in Montevideo.

Los Teros were able to advance directly to France RWC 2023 thanks to this, winning 50-34 overall. Because they qualified as Americas 1, Los Teros now have more time to prepare and more matches against opponents who will test them in different ways. When they travel to Japan, many of the players who are still a part of the team will have fond memories of the World Cup.

On an emotional day at the Kamaishi Recovery Stadium, Uruguay famously defeated Fiji, winning 30-27. Since its debut in 1999, Uruguay had won three tournaments with this victory. On June 18, the team will play their first match of the Japan tour at Tokyo’s Chichibunomiya RWC Stadium, which can hold 27,000 people. On June 25, the additional match will take place at the 15,000-capacity Mikuni Stadium in Kitakyushu.

Uruguay Played the Brave Blossoms RWC:

Having the chance to play two games against a squad of the stature of Japan is very significant for Uruguay in the groundwork for the next Rugby World Cup, stated URU Leader Santiago Slinger. Because they are one of the elite squads that have grown up the most over the past few years, the Brave Blooms are incontestably an instance to follow. For more about knowing Uruguay Rugby World Cup Tickets

Recurring to Japan is very gratifying because it was a country that courteously greeted us after our unforgettable Rugby World Cup knowledge in 2019. We are thrilled to be back and to participate in these significant games. Both times Uruguay played the Brave Blossoms in Japan in 2015, they lost, 40-0 and 30-8.

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However, since then, significant progress has been made, with the benefits of the Uruguayan high-performance center and participation in professional club leagues like the Superliga Americana de Rugby and Major League RWC beginning to take hold. Additionally, Coach Esteban Meneses has done a superb job of bringing together a team that is increasingly distributed across the globe.

Following the 2019 Rugby World Cup, some of Los Teros’ top performers have signed lucrative overseas contracts in France. Despite Japan’s nine-place ranking and a nearly 12-point advantage over Uruguay in the World Rugby Men’s Rankings, the second half of Uruguay’s test window features two teams that are not too far apart.

Only two spaces and just over half a point distinct teams that are much more famous to each other than Uruguay and the Brave Flowers. The Oaks of Andy Robinson will be put to the test at the Estadio Charra in Montevideo on July 10 and 17. The two competitions against Romania will be a marvelous opportunity to endure growing in groundwork for France RWC 2023, Meneses stated.

It will be a great opportunity to compare ourselves to a direct rival in the ranking, as they are currently ranked 17th and we are ranked 19th, to join those selected who are presently playing in Europe, Major Association Rugby, and la Superliga Americana de RWC. This will be a countless chance to compare ourselves to a direct rival in the position.

We have to take benefit of this possibility in our quest to endure growing in the game and as a team for our countless goals, which is the World Cup. The only previous meeting between Los Teros and Romania was a 21-21 draw in Montevideo in 2010. Due to a 39-12 defeat in the return match of the RWC Final 2011 qualifier, the South Americans were unable to travel to New Zealand.

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The Oaks have won eight of the remaining nine meetings since the lone draw, while Los Teros have only won once a 27-20 victory in Bucharest in November 2018 and the Oaks have won the other eight.  Uruguay will play New Zealand, France, Italy, and the Africa 1 qualifier in Pool A at Rugby Cup 2023. Namibia, which defeated Kenya 36-0 in Sunday’s Rugby Africa Cup final at Stade Maurice-David, will play for the seventh Rugby World Cup in a row in 2023.

Namibia Joined Hosts France for RWC:

Namibia joined hosts France, New Zealand, Italy, and Uruguay in Pool A as Africa 1. Kenya, which hasn’t played in a World Cup yet, made the four-team repechage tournament in November to stay alive in qualifying. Namibia was expected to win the Rugby Africa Cup, which was held in southern France. In the quarterfinals last week. For more about knowing Namibia Rugby World Cup Tickets

The Namibians hadn’t lost to Kenya in eight years, and they had won their last five games and scored at least 45 points. Kenya was pleased to be only 15-0 down at halftime after they had taken control from the start. However, Namibia failed to score, and Wian Conradie and RWC captain Johan Deysel scored two tries in the final two minutes to increase the score.

On September 9, 2023, Namibia will face Italy in their World Cup opener in Saint-Étienne, followed by the All Blacks six days later in Toulouse. The French Ambassador to Namibia, H.E. Mr. Sébastien Minot, invited the Hon. Minister of Sport and Youth on September 21, 2022, exactly one year before the start of France vs. Namibia game at the Rugby World Cup 2023.

Agnes Tjongarero, members of the Rugby Federation, including Mr. Petrie Theron, the President, and rugby players and fans from both countries who came to France’s residence. The reception was a chance to celebrate Namibia’s victory in the qualifying tournament final on July 10 in Aix-en-Provence, which ensured Namibia’s participation in the Rugby World Cup for the seventh time since 1999.

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The speeches of the ambassador and minister, who are now hoping for the best outcome for both national teams, reaffirmed the universal rugby values of teamwork, discipline, and respect. At the event, the young players of Namibia’s XV rugby team, the Welwitschias, were greeted with open arms, giving them a taste of the atmosphere at the Rugby World Cup 2023. They are determined to win their first tournament match, particularly against Uruguay on September 27.

As Africa 1, Namibia secured their spot at the France Rugby World Cup 2023. The 2022 Africa Cup, which was held in France, went to the Welwitschias, who came out on top. In the quarterfinals, Namibia defeated Burkina Faso 71-5, Zimbabwe defeated Kenya 34-19, and Kenya defeated Namibia 36-0 in the final.

Namibia has secured the final spot in Pool A of the RWC 2023 by winning the tournament. Kenya will continue to compete against three other nations in a repechage.  Portugal is currently the one that has been confirmed. One from Asia and the winner of Chile vs. USA series will be the other two. Five competitors from four continents will compete in Pool A. Namibia will take on Uruguay, Italy, New Zealand, and the host nation, France.

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