Belgium Vs Romania Tickets: In the second match of Euro 2024, Romania will face Belgium on June 22. The match with the key favorite of the group will yield place in Koln, at the Rhein Energie arena, from 22:00. Ukraine is the very first match of Edi Iordanescu’s students at the competition in Germany.

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Belgium Vs Romania Tickets | Romania will face Belgium

This match will take place on June 17, on the fourth day of the tournament, at the Allianz Arena, Bayern Munich’s stadium. In the last group match, Romania will face Slovakia on June 26, in Frankfurt, at the Waldstadion. Euro 2024 starts on June 14, with Munich hosting the match between the host country, Germany, and Scotland.

We will have non-stop football from 14th to 26th June, with the knockout stages starting on 29th June. In total, the 2024 European Championship will take place in 10 stadiums in 10 cities, and 9 of these have also hosted matches at the 2006 World Cup. The only novelty from the tournament 17 years ago is Dusseldorf, but the city has hosted matches in World Cup in 1974, but also at EURO 1988.

The 10 cities that will host the EURO 2024 games are Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dortmund, Leipzig, Gelsenkirchen, Stuttgart and Dusseldorf. Injured in the last stage with the club team, Al Okhdood, Andrei Burca (31 years old) may miss the participation in Euro 2024.

Belgium Vs Romania Tickets: Edi Lordanescu hopes to have the Former Stopper from CFR

The central defender did an MRI and the result is tough, muscle rupture. However, Edi Iordanescu hopes to have the former stopper from CFR Cluj available in Germany, and in this context, the defender will enter a special recovery program in Mogoșoaia. Terrible bad luck for Edi Iordanescu. After the injury of Olimpiu Moruțan, who will be absent from the final tournament this summer, the selector received new hard news.

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Belgium Vs Romania Tickets | Euro 2024 Tickets | Euro Cup Tickets | Euro Cup Germany Tickets | Euro Cup 2024 Tickets | UEFA Euro 2024 Tickets
Euro 2024 Tickets | Bayern Munich’s stadium

Andrei Burca, basic man in the preliminaries, came out injured from the last match he played in the club team. The 31-year-old footballer asked to be changed after complaining of pain, had an MRI, and the result was catastrophic. Muscle rupture, so Burca will not play in the last five stages of the championship and is in great danger of missing the final tournament in Germany Euro Cup.

Special program for Andrei Burca. Edi Iordanescu’s staff is trying to recover the stopper after the terrible news received on Monday. However, Edi Iordanescu and his staff hope to recover the starter in the center of the defense. ProSport found out the plan put in place by the selector and his colleagues.

So that Andrei Burca will arrive faster at the team meeting and will enter, before the other players, in the training camp in Mogoșoaia. The defender will follow a special recovery program through which the team’s doctors hope to put him on his feet until the team leaves for Germany.

Belgium Vs Romania Tickets: Edi Iordanescu and the medical staff Mobilized Immediately

Edi Iordanescu and the medical staff mobilized immediately after receiving the results of the MRI and decided that Andrei should arrive in Mogoșoaia sooner, a good few days before the team’s reunion, and enter a well-planned recovery program at point.

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It is the last hope to have him fit for the first match in Germany or for any of the games”, federal sources stated for ProSport. How serious is Olimpiu Morutan’s injury. He risks ending his career prematurely: the harsh verdict of doctor Pompiliu Popescu, the former doctor of the Romanian national team!

George Pușcaș After the Top Injured his Hand

It is the second terrible news that the selector received in the last week, this after Olimpiu Moruțan was hit during the match that his team, Ankaragucu, played in the Turkish Cup against Besiktas.

Belgium Vs Romania Tickets | Euro 2024 Tickets | Euro Cup Tickets | Euro Cup Germany Tickets | Euro Cup 2024 Tickets | UEFA Euro 2024 Tickets
Euro Cup Tickets | Edi Lordanescu hopes

The former FCSB player suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon, underwent surgery and will be out for 7 to 8 months. There are also problems for George Pușcaș, after the top injured his hand and, in turn, underwent surgery.

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