Belgium Vs Romania Tickets: UEFA Euro 2024 has started and Belgium is also one of the favorites to win the tournament. Belgium has a very popular player in their squad who used to play for Real Madrid. Eden Hazard was one of the best dribblers in the world and a vital player of the team for which he plays.

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Belgium Vs Romania Tickets | Eden Hazard is not playing for Belgium in Euro 2024

Fans want to know Why Eden Hazard is not playing for Belgium in Euro 2024. Belgium, one of the top-ranked FIFA teams, is among the favorites for the tournament. Martinez has led the Red Devils to being the top-ranked country in the world.

Belgium Euro 2024 squad has some of the best players in the prime of their careers and an aging defense, this feels like the last chance for the Golden Generation to claim a trophy. Eden Hazard is not playing for Belgium at Euro 2004 because the player has already retired from professional football.

 Hazard announced his retirement from football on October 10, 2023. However, the player had already retired from international football a year ago. Hazard decided to retire from international football following Belgium’s disappointing World Cup campaign in Qatar.

Belgium Vs Romania Tickets: Louis Munteanu and Florin Tanase 19 days before Edi Iordanescu announced the list for the final tournament!

There are only 19 days left until, June 7, the selector Edi Iordanescu has a deadline to send Romania’s Euro 2024 squad to UEFA Euro 2024. And beyond the positions with confirmed names, the decisions regarding the important dilemmas regarding the selection are already gradually appearing.

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Euro 2024 Tickets | Florin Tanase 19 days before Edi Iordanescu announced the list

News presents today the last-minute surprise for the attacking options of the tricolors at the final tournament in Germany! If the presence in the squad of footballers. Nicolae Stanciu, Razvan Marin, Radu Dragusin, Andrei Rațiu, Dennis Man, and Florinel Coman were already a certainty given their contribution.

In the preliminaries and their form at clubs this season, several positions represented signs of big questions in the configuration strategy of the national team for Euro 2024. News has already presented to you exclusively the fact that Vasile Mogoș is the first option for doubling at right back (details HERE).

The stopper Bogdan Racovițan is already fixed in the squad (details HERE), but also the vision shared by the selector to his staff, according to which a maximum of one or two footballers not called up in the preliminaries, and only in case of emergency! will be on the final list (details HERE).

Belgium Vs Romania Tickets: Last-minute surprise in the calculations for Romania’s Euro 2024 team!

Edi Iordanescu will finalize Romania Euro Cup squad at Germany Euro Cup starting from a 4-3-3 that he has already become accustomed to. So, only one peak, and this means in the context of the 23 free places for the field. For players in the final group (3 goalkeeper’s mandatory) he will opt for 4 players who can activate as central attackers.

One of them is Denis Dragus, used mainly as a left winger in the national team so far and who keeps this status in the strategy of the national team, but who was also used in the top position and at Gaziantep FK, in Turkey, ends an exceptional season in which performed very well precisely in this position.

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So in practice only 3 places for genuine spikes. George Puscas is sure of the nomination, while for Denis Alibec, the evaluation that the staff of the tricolors will make in the training camp that will start on May 27 in Mogosoaia and the friendly match with Bulgaria will matter a lot.

As News exclusively revealed HERE, the performance in Qatar, where Alibec’s team also downgraded his training parameters, plus his performance at the March action of the national team deprived Denis of the certainty of his presence in the squad.

But his experience, the input from the preliminaries, the lack of high-value alternative solutions plus the hope that his physical and playing level will be at a high level when the team meets still keep him in an important position in Iordanescu’s strategy, according to News sources.

What happens in the somehow open race between Florin Tanase, Louis Munteanu, and Daniel Birligea? Last minute surprise!

The level, performance, and recent pace have dragged down Florin Tanase. At 29 years old, having the advantage of experience but also of versatility. Because he can evolve as an attacker, extreme left, inter, or the second peak. Florin Tanase would, in theory, have been the main option, our sources confirm.

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Euro Cup Tickets | Open race between Florin Tanase

Edi Iordanescu also worked at FCSB with Tanase and appreciates him a lot. But there are at least three big question marks regarding the player who, according to the latest information, is pulling Florin down from the race for Romania’s EURO 2024 team.

  • The level. Tanase’s team, Al Okhdood, are in the relegation zone with two stages before the season finale in Saudi Arabia
  • The yield. Just 2 goals and 3 assists in 25 games for Tanase at the club this season
  • The recent pace. In the last 5 stages in the Saudis, Tanase played only one half plus another 2 minutes at the end of a match

In the qualifiers, the former FCSB captain managed just 12 minutes with Andorra and 13 minutes with Belarus in the first two matches of the campaign.

Our sources confirm that the selector will clarify in detail in the coming days, in Mogoșoaia, but Florin Tanase has certainly been surpassed, at this moment, in the calculations for Romania’s Euro 2024 team!

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